General Questions
I did not find my research title in the repository?
You can send an electronic copy or a photocopy of it so that it can be listed in the repository.
There is an error in the thesis / dissertation data, how can I correct it?
You can send corrections to info@iqdr.iq, so that we can amend and correct them.
Deposit of dissertation or thesis
Can I deposit my dissertation or thesis to the repository?
Yes, through the thesis deposit page, if it is discussed in the Iraqi universities.
When I deposit my thesis, I do not find the name of my university or the name of my college. What do I have to do?
lease send your university thesis or dissertation to the official email info@iqdr.iq, so that we can enter its data .
Can I deposit my dissertation or thesis, for your knowledge that my study was abroad?
The site is currently interested in the theses and dissertations discussed in the Iraqi universities. in the future a special section will be opened for Iraqi students studying outside Iraq.
How can I Deposit my dissertation \thesis, knowing that I do not have an electronic copy of it?
The Repository provides a free service for photocopying paper dissertation \thesis, which are not available electronically. You can contact info@iqdr.iq for more details.
Obtaining dissertation or theses listed on the website
How can I get the dissertation or thesis available on the site?
By communicating with the libraries where the material is available.
Is there a feature to download the dissertation or thesis ?
There is no download service at the moment. But you can see the abstract and the sources.
How can I communicate with the site administration?
Through the contact us page.
How to communicate with the Iraqi libraries?
You can view the contact us page, where there are ways to communicate with the Iraqi libraries.
Libraries / Universities
Is it possible to deposit my library indexes to the Iraqi digital repository?
Yes, it is possible. For more details, contact info@iqdr.iq
Is it possible to make a subscription to the university to view the content of dissertation or thesis?
Yes, it is possible according to regulations. Please contact info@iqdr.iq