About Repository

As we witness the accelerating steps of scientific progress in the world ... the prosperity and rise of nations depends on the amount of care they give to their scientific and educational institutions, as they represent a basic pillar for the consolidation of their scientific approach, and for a prosperous Iraq, motivation and concerted efforts have been come together to build a scientific model that keeps pace with the development in the means of acquiring and developing knowledge, and the intellectual efforts come together, which highlights the scientific position of the country that makes the use of knowledge sources by students more easy.

And after launching its trial platform on 21 July, 2019. The features of the project appeared, which took nearly three years to complete after it was prepared (analysis, design and programming) by Iraqi efforts and capabilities with support of the General Secretariat of Al-Abbas holy shrine and direct supervision from the digital information centre of Al-Abbas holy shrine library in cooperation with Iraqi universities. Updates are still ongoing to develop its services.

The idea of the project is abridged by the endeavor to collect theses and doctoral dissertations in all scientific and humanitarian specializations since the establishment of postgraduate studies in Iraqi universities, and to include them in a comprehensive electronic guide, and to be in standard specifications that can be updated, developed and adapted to the international programs, depending on the Iraqi scientific and technical capabilities.

The project aims at a number of objectives, including

An attempt to limit the Iraqi academic works represented by theses and university dissertations in one website that represents the scientific Infront of Iraq.
Creating subsidiary repositories for Iraqi universities linked to the main repository to ensure search and recall from one website instead of searching in multiple websites.
Restore (as much as possible) what was lost from dissertations and theses as a result of the difficult circumstances that Iraq has gone through.
Conserving and documenting the intellectual assets of graduate students at the university with long-term preservation media, which achieves protection of assets from damage.

The most important services provided by the depository

-Enabling Iraqi university professors and students to search for the Iraqi universities' theses and dissertations titles, while allowing access to the full texts of the dissertations and theses of their universities and the universities jointed with them.
-Enabling researchers to search in the Iraqi universities' theses and dissertations titles, with access to abstracts, indexes and sources only.
-Verifying the authenticity of the title to be written about by enabling the objective citation of the theses and dissertations titles accomplished in all Iraqi universities whose data are available in the repository.
-Conducting modern methods of electronically depositing the dissertation or thesis.

Note: The site's data catalogue have been compiled from catalogues of public and university libraries and a range of printed paper catalogs. Inaccurate information may be contained therein.